School of Business

Programmes in this School provide skills for managerial and supervisory roles. The Business programmes are designed to give students an all-round view of business to enable them to work in organizations as managers. Managers in industries, businesses and government institutions often encounter difficult decisions. They have to understand how organizations work; they need to be familiar with the functional areas such as marketing, information technology, operations management, entrepreneurship and human resource management. Such specialized skills help business to function effectively.Students in the School of Business learn how to plan, research, analyze and present data, interpret information, generate and write reports and generally make a contribution to the effective running of an organization. All these lead to majors in Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development, Finance, Purchasing & Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management.

Programmes Offered


Entry Level / Admission Requirements

Tuition Fees and Duration

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Specialization options: Accounting, Business Administration, Credit

Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development, Finance, Marketing, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

Note: The BCom programme allows students to take up extra courses and end up graduating with double major or major/minor combinations such as BCom

(Double Major, Accounting and Finance) or BCom (Finance Major, Accounting Minor); BCom (Marketing Major, Finance Minor) etc thus saving time and money.

Exemptions at no charge for Part II CPA/CPS/CCP/CSIA to join in 2nd year while Part III CPA/CPS/CCP/CSIA to join in 3rd year.

Minimum Entry Requirements

KCSE C+ (plus); Holders of

relevant 2 academic year

Diplomas join at the 2nd year of study while those with Higher

National Diplomas join in 3rd

year of study

Note: Credit transfers granted shall not exceed 49% of the applicable degree programme

Tuition Fees and Duration

Kshs.51,000 (Full-time, Evening/Weekends)

Kshs.45,000 (Distance Learning)

per trimester

8 trimesters plus Corporate Internship (in 3 calendar years)

Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma in Business Information Technology

Diploma in Credit Management

Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Marketing Management

Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management

Diploma in Quality Assurance and Standardization

Diploma in Sales Management

Diploma in Public Relations

Diploma in Public Administration

Diploma in County Governance and Management

KCSE Mean Grade or C- (minus) or Certificate in relevant discipline

Kshs.25,000 (Full-time, Evening/Weekends)

Kshs.22,000 (Distance Learning)

per trimester

3 trimesters plus Corporate Internship

(1 calendar year & 4 months)

Certificate Programmes in:

Accounting, Business Management, Banking & Finance, Credit Management, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development, Human Resource Management, Sales & Marketing, Public Relations, Purchasing and Supply

KCSE Grade of D+ (Plus)

Kshs.25,000 (Full-time)

1 trimester