A & Em Ventures By Alexander Maina Mwangi

A & Em Ventures

By Alexander Maina Mwangi

In 2015, Alex Mwangi, wishes to establish A&EM Ventures, with the intentions of launching a motor vehicle spare parts shop to be located in Nanyuki Town. Plans are in place to call it A&EM Auto Spares in order to make it possible, Alex Mwangi is seeking a Kshs. 1 Million loan from Family Bank that will be used to refurbish the potential premises, purchase stock, inventory, and provide some working capital. Alex Mwangi will be investigating Kshs. 350,000 of his own funds and has one investor that has committed to Kshs 150,000. The investors will own 10% of the stock in exchange for the investment. The collateral for the loan will include parcel of land No Nanyuki Municipality Block 9/4569, plus his personal residence located Marura Estate, the home was recently valued at Kshs 1million. There is currently no other debt on the home. Alex Mwangi will be also personally guaranteed. Having worked as a fleet Manager of Finlays Intl LTD (a multinational floriculture company with over 200 different makes of motor vehicles ), knows the business well and is excited about the prospects of his new venture. After studying the feasibility of his venture Alex Mwangi, feels very satisfied with his safety and potential for profit. He has made conservative projections based on his experience in the field, Motor Vehicle spare parts industry averages, and historical information from other spare parts dealers the market area which includes Nanyuki, Isiolo, Doldol, Meru, Nyeri, Umande, Ngobit among others.