Betterlife Butchery By Joseph Tonke Merishi

Betterlife Butchery

By Joseph Tonke Merishi 

The betterlife business will start operating on January 2015 in Kajiado town. The business will be located in Kajiado town due to the strategic location and the ability to reach a large number of customers. It is within this location that the bus terminal connects different routes of Isinya, Kitenkela, Namanga and Nairobi is located. The products that will be sold in Betterlife business include fry meat, ugali, roast meat, sausages and drinks. The business aims at supplying its products to the neighboring market and customers in the bus terminal. We therefore aim at marketing through advertisement posts around the town and placing some of the employees at strategic positions around the town to invite would be customers. The management will be expected by me as the owner with assistance from the accountant, marketing executive and the cooks and waiters I intend to hire. Having an experience of six years in a Chinise Company and a degree qualification, I intend to steer the business forward towards serving the entire of Kajiado town with high quality beef products and later expand into a hotel. The capital will comprise the owners’ capital and a soft loan from the bank. This will be used to set up the business and buying the equipments and stock of meat that will be required.