Creative Advisory Services Limited By Osoro Mercyline Nyanchama

Creative Advisory Services Limited

By Osoro Mercyline Nyanchama

Nairobi. It will offer credit management services to the public particularly on credit counseling. The company will become Kenya’s leading provider of professional credits management services. Creative Advisory Services will introduce professional credit management services in the country specializing on credit counseling. This will educate the public on how to manage debts and how to come up with a repayment plan by so doing reduce the increasing rate of non-performing debts in the country. Osoro Mercyline, Creative Advisory Services founder is a credit management professional (CMP) and is also finishing her bachelor of commerce degree specializing in credit management at Gretsa University. She has worked in different organizations with credit and risk management departments. She has forged a partnership with Erick Gitogo, a certified professional accountant (CPA-K) finalist and currently pursuing credit management. The company will run at a loss in the first two months but as from the third month it will start to make profits which will be used to cater for the loss made in the first two months.