Emacy Poultry Farm By Monicah Warutumo

Emacy Poultry Farm

By Monicah Warutumo

Emacy poultry farm is a proposed business venture to run as a sole proprietorship. The farm will provide products like chicken meat, eggs, and young chicks. The farm will be located in Nyeri Town. The initial capital as proposed is 500,000/-. The owner who is the general manager will contribute 350,000/- from her personal savings and sale of personal car and the remaining 150,000/- will be obtained through a bank loan. The owner is intending to market the business through media adverts, posters and use of word of mouth to the neighbouring customers. Adoption of modern technology and high level quality services are some of the techniques the proprietor is willing to beat competition. The business will resort to low cost leadership strategy to be able to offer services and products at low costs and therefore attract a large pool of customers.