Galba By Mohamed Said Ahmed


By Mohamed Said Ahmed

The proposed business name is GALBA. The business name is derived from a Swahili word GALBA which means taste. The business will be dealing with natural blended juices from different types of fruits such as mangoes, tangerines, oranges, apples, pineapples pawpaw’s, lemons, ribeans etc. The location of the business will be Isiolo town center, Isiolo district along the busy Njuri Ncheke Street opposite Equity Bank. The business will be located at Wima house which is along the Njuri Ncheke Street. The location of the business has been chosen due to its dense population of the people that are mostly in the town .another chance that has led the choice of business location is its closeness to the raw materials which are fresh fruits from the surrounding firms. The area has good infrastructure for example the network of smooth roads, the availability of MEWASCO (ISIOLO, water and Sewerage Company) which is reliable, and the availability of electricity from Kenya power ISIOLO region.