Jose Rabbit World Limited By Joseph Karinga

Jose Rabbit World Limited

By Joseph Karinga

Jose Rabbit World Limited was established on 1st August 2014 by Joseph Muigai with the intentions of venturing and exploring the economic viability in agribusiness specifically rabbit rearing for commercial purpose unlike the traditional perceptions where rabbits are considered us pest for young boys. The firm to be located at Kiambu County, lari consistency, Gatamaiyu location, kagwe sub-location, Ngamba village which is my home place in a ¼ acre which will facilitate the rabbit cage construction and some garden to grow some fodder which I will use to feed the rabbit. The project will be 80 kilometer from Nairobi which is economical viable to access the growing market in the city. In order to make this venture possible I’m seeking is seeking a ksh 300,000 loans that will be used to construct the rabbit shades, purchase of modern rabbit cages, initial Quality breed of rabbits, and provides some working capital. I will be investing Ksh 200,000 from my own savings and have one investor that has committed to invest ksh 50,000. The investor will own 20% of the venture. The collateral for the loan will include all business assets and stocks of Jose Rabbit World Ltd plus ¼ acre land title where the business will be located at Kiambu county land valued last year at ksh 500,000 and currently no other debt on the land. I have made conservative projections based on my passion and the market demand for rabbit meat and having Rabbit Republican Company which will offer technical support and training as well as provide market for my output which is the only organization in Kenya dealing with rabbit meat and export of the same. Through which I will be singing 1 one year contracts with them when I start the venture to buy for us when the rabbits meats when ready.