Keepcare Beauty Product By Samuel M. Gachugia

Keepcare Beauty Product

By Samuel M. Gachugia

Looking and feeling good is part and parcel of almost every individual, and this is more pronounced in women who have a higher affinity for beauty products as compared to their male counterparts. This fact added to their great population creates a fine market for such products and this factor contributed greatly to our choice of product to produce. The beauty products business is amongst the major business lines in the country. This is in regard to its impact and customer base which involves almost all the female population in the country. In this regard, KeepCare Beauty Products is a beauty products manufacturer majoring in two products namely; Queen’s Glow Skin Care and Queen’s Glow Lip Balm. It is a new company whose establishment will be largely based on the existing market opportunity created by the apparently huge market base and the need for new top quality skin care products. Amongst the major distinguishing features of our products are in the product manufacturing. We endeavor to produce quality products for our customers and this is purely dependent on the modern production methods adopted by KeepCare beauty product for the purpose. In addition, the deployment of highly qualified staff shall ensure the adherence of the said standards through the whole process. We shall also use the quail eggs as a major raw material in our production processes. The nutritious benefits of these eggs will produce the desired results when used on the clients’ skin. The presence of Vitamins A and B2 (Riboflavin) in large quantities will help uphold skin health and prevent cracked mouth edges and dry scaling skin respectively. At Keep Care beauty product, we will be guided by a strong customer focus approach, which will led to the establishment of all our potential customers’ needs. This works to ensure that the product design and quality we attain is all as per their requirements and this ensures that they find the ultimate solution to their skin care needs with us. Quality at affordable prices is our belief and we will ensure reach to all potential users. To achieve all this, we shall have in place a competent team full of expertise in these aspects. Our human resource will be highly skilled with training from among the best institutions both locally and abroad. Their widespread fame in managerial abilities has made some of them strategic consultants to other firms. This makes us a force to reckon with in this industry and is a partial guarantee of proper management of our resources, economic and human resources. From our operations, we do not project to break-even in the first year owing to the huge initial financial implications. This would translate to a deficit of around KShs 1.34 million in the first financial year (see appendix). However subsequent years will see Keep Care beauty product emerge as a highly reputable and stable firm in the country before extending our operational tentacles beyond the borders after the next 6 years from establishment.