Peptaserve Enterprise Poultry Production By Solomon Ihachi Shibelenje

Peptaserve Enterprise Poultry Production

By Solomon Ihachi Shibelenje 

This business goes by the name Peptaserve Enterprise Poultry Production (PEPP) and it is a sole proprietorship. It will be located at Burumba along the Busia-Kisumu highway, near Lesphine Enterprise Busia County. The business will mainly deal with poultry products which include chicken meat, eggs, leghorns, gizzards and droppings. The primary purpose of starting this business is to generate profits while at the same time provide high quality poultry products to the whole of Busia county. There is a well-defined market scope for PEPP products, where customers include households, butcheries, hotels, institutions and supermarkets. Marketing logistic have been analyzed and appropriate promotion and advertisement tools put in place. Being a sole proprietorship kind of business, the proprietor will employ the management team and other staff to assist in the running of the business. The business aims at producing very high quality products and hence tools and equipment to be used in the business ought to be reliable to enhance efficiency. Production procedures are also laid down systematically and supervision made every step of the way. The total capital to start the business will be kshs. 500,000 out of which kshs.100,000 is the owners contribution while the rest is a loan from the National Bank of Kenya-Busia Branch. The capital shall be used for the preparation of cages for birds, buying equipment, tools, renovating the building that will house the office, purchasing stock and paying employees for the first month before the business starts realizing profit.