Quick Silver Logistics Ltd By Suleiman Ali Ibrahim

Quicksilver Logistics Limited

By Suleiman Ali Ibrahim

Quicksilver logistics limited is a transport company set up for the purposes of offering affordable transportation of goods locally and east Africa region. The company has been registered in Kenya as a limited liability company. Quicksilver logistics has customers who includes individual and cooperates. We intend to intensify our marketing strategists by thorough advertisement and tendering with the government corporations and by opening up offices in the neighboring countries though which we shall employ qualified personnel in the field of marketing. We also intend to brand our trucks to have a unique color for easy identification wherever they go. This will help to identify us as a leading transport company in the region. The directors have a wide experience in the transport industry and as such they are solely responsible for the daily running of the company. The directors have also resolved to open offices along the Nairobi, Nakuru highway which will come with a parking bay for the trucks these will ease monitoring of trucks moving from Nairobi to Kampala and beyond and also will serve as stopovers and route for mechanical checkups. These will call for employment of managers, accountants, office secretaries, drivers/touts and watchmen. All these posts will be advertised through the media and most qualified candidates will be employed. The work of directors will be to oversee the full running of the company. The business core objective is ensuring the customers satisfaction by ensuring good services. We have attained these through maintaining schedules of operation from loading to offloading bays. This has called for our trucks to be mechanically sound all the time and a dedicated work force.