Super Bookshop By Ali Sheikh Abdi

Super Bookshop

By Ali Sheikh Abdi

The main objective of the business is to meet the people’s desire to achieve knowledge as well as making a profit. The business will be located in Ngamia along Posta road in Garissa. The business will be a partnership business owned by three partners. It will be dealing with the following products pens, geometric sets, books and other items mainly sold in bookshops. Operating hours will be from 7am to 9pm. The primarily target will be the schools and people living nearby hence advertisement will be through advertisement posters around the area and into the nearby towns and villages. We also aim to include an audio advertisement in the local stage in order to reach an even bigger customer target. The business will have competitors such as Bidii bookshop and Wema bookshop. We therefore intend to set our products and services at a competitive price in order to make new customers and maintain them. The capital to start the business will originate from the owners capital and borrowing from banks. It will be used to set up the business and buy the starting stock of the products required. It is expected that the returns will be high due to the large base of customers surrounding the area. However there is the security threat due to proximity of Garissa to Somalia. We intend to have strict security measures such as employment of qualified guards with the right training and protective weapons. The employees will also have to be retrained on how to handle customers and unfavorable situations in order to be efficient and effective.