Assessment Of The Effects Of Human Capital Development On Employee Job Satisfaction- A Case Of Hospitals In Eldoret

Assessment Of The Effects Of Human Capital Development On Employee Job Satisfaction – A Case Of Hospitals In Eldoret

By Shadrack Omondi Onginjo

Human lives weigh in the balance every day in various hospitals in the country. For hospitals patients and their families, the hospital experience is often a central point in their life. Patients have died in the hands of trained medical personnel some of which are characterized with negligence. It is in this light that the study seeks to find out how human capital development (HCD) impacts on the employee job satisfaction in the health sector in a case of Eldoret hospitals. The purpose of the study was to assess how human resource development can be successful in an organization and how it affects job satisfaction of employees in a health care setting. The main elements that the researcher concentrated on was to determine the impact of human capital development on performance of hospitals determining factors influencing job satisfaction among health care workers, determining trends in human capital development practices in hospitals, finding out correlations of human resource development and employee job satisfaction in hospitals, determining the level of job satisfaction of healthcare professionals in Eldoret town. The study will be based on the Hertzberg`s two factor theory of motivation. Descriptive survey design was used to elicit data from hospital management and health workers who had been selected to form the study sample through stratified, simple random and purposive sampling techniques. Structured questionnaires, interview schedules and document analysis was the main data collection tools. Predictive validity of scores was employed to test the validity of the study instruments. This was examined to determine the extent to which a particular measure is a good predictor of the other variable. Validity and reliability of these instruments was established through conducting a pilot study, Chronbach alpha tests and, getting experts opinions. The collected data will be coded and analyzed using the SPSS version 16 computer program.