Effects Of Community Capacity Building In Enhancing Supplier Performance In Government Office

To Investigate The Effects Of Organizational Culture On Service Delivery: A Study Of Embu County

By Charles Mwebia Rutimi

The research project assessed the factors that influence quality services in our county governments. The main purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of organizational in service delivery or how effective is organizational culture to the effectiveness of any organization. The researcher’s aim was to find the effects of leadership, discipline, customer focus and effective communication in the facilitation of quality service delivery. The researcher used descriptive research design because it explores and describes the characteristics needed for the research. The study was based at Embu and targeted employees at all levels. Data was collected using both primary and secondary data. The researcher found out that effective leadership has a positive impact on service delivery at all levels of an organization. Proper employer-employee relationships, with better systems for handling customer issues and consequently systems that offer employees development and welfare aspects contribute directly to better and quality service delivery. The researcher recommends that counties should improve on their communication procedures, create a more conducive employer-employee relationships and strict adherence to the rules and guidelines that govern their operations. The study concludes that Embu County is poor on service delivery and as such the culture is affecting the quality delivery to a large extent.