Factors Leading To Employee Turnover In Wajir General Hospital By Ali Osman Mohamed

The Effects Of Training And Development Services, Funding And Savings On Small Micro Enterprises In Kenya

By Joseph Muigai Karingu

The research project focused on the factors affecting sustainability of micro credit groups in Nairobi Kenya. The research report sought to establish the importance for microcredit groups to be self-sustaining in order to enable their members achieve income generation, asset building, enhance livelihood, self-esteem and empowerment. In this regard, the main objective of the study is therefore to find out the effects of training and advisory services, funding and saving on small micro enterprises in Nairobi Kenya. Specific objectives focused on how availability of lending funds, client exit and retention, client capacity building, competition among service providers and policy affecting sustainability of urban based microfinance programs. The research design employed in this study is descriptive in nature. Descriptive studies are designed with the purpose to produce an accurate representation of events or situations. The sampling frame for this study is a selected list of stakeholders in the focused on Business Initiative and Management Assistance Services (BIMAS). The leading microfinance institution with micro credits and saving groups operating in Nairobi county. Out of the 2287 clients in the region, comprised of 183 active groups and 40 inactive groups. 150 clients and 50 staff will be considered for sampling totaling to 200 respondents. Data will be collected mainly by use of questionnaires had both closed and open ended questions, observation schedule and interview guide. Data will be analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) and results presented in pie charts and tables descriptive statistics which included effects of training and advisory services, funding and saving on small microenterprises in Nairobi Kenya.