The Effect Of Appraisal On Employees Performance In Organisations By Ali Sheikh Abdi

he Effect Of Appraisal On Employees Performance In Organisations

By Ali Sheikh Abdi

Appraisal is the impartial analysis and evaluation conducted according to an established criteria to determine the acceptability, merit or worth of an item. The main objective of appraisal is to give the appraise the opportunity to reflect on their work and leaning needs in order to improve their performance. Several factors affect the effectiveness of an appraisal process on the performance of employees. This research seeks to find out the effect of appraisal on employees performance and the recommendation a firm should adopt in order to make its appraisals effective. The research was carried out at the Kenya Postal Co-oporation in Garissa District as the population of study. Appraisals are normally categorized into three types’ potential review, reward and performance review and there are a number of merit rating methods of employees used. The research design is descriptive and the sources of data are both primary and secondary. Information was obtained from the annual reports and publications while at the same time using interviews and observation of employees at the Corporation. The target included all types of employees and a total of 110 respondents were sampled from a population of 2328 members. The information obtained was analyzed using descriptive statistics which included frequency distribution tables. The factors that were found to negatively affect appraisal were poor communication, the method used and conflicting roles. The recommendation for effective appraisal included choosing the correct method of appraising employees, proper communication, participative leadership style and an improvement in Organizations management information system as well training employees on the necessary skills required.