To Investigate The Effects Of Organizational Culture On Service Delivery: A Study Of Embu County By Charles Mwebia Rutimi

Factors Leading To Employee Turnover In Wajir General Hospital

By Ali Osman Mohamed

The study sought to find the factors leading to employees’ turnover in the health sector in the Northern parts of Kenya. The research targeted Wajir general hospital. The main objective of the researcher was to find out the factors that contribute to high staff turnover in the northern region. The research sought to investigate how whether low staff morale/employee welfare, insecurity and alternative jobs influence in staff turnover. The target population was the employees of Wajir general hospital. Data collection was done using both primary and secondary methods. The researcher found out that the employees are highly dissatisfied, have poor/low morale, have poor working environment and are willing to shift any time a job comes calling. Insecurity in the area is also a huge contributor to high levels of turnover, so that they can seek jobs in other conducive places. The researcher recommends that the government to make the area secure, provide proper wages, and other staff welfare schemes to boost the morale of the staff and retain them for long. There also need to be proper investments in modern facilities and make the working environment more conducive.