Employment Managent System By Cecilia Wangui Kamangu

Employment Managent System

By Cecilia Wangui Kamangu

There are a growing number of information and communication technologies (ICT) initiatives in our country. These initiatives are usually undertaken on the basis that they are important for social and economic development. The employee management system is such a technology for it is to be used for any organization weather big or small. Each organization has human resource challenges to overcome. Every organization has different employee management needs, therefore I came up with a system that keeps track of the daily attendance of employees weather in casual or in a formal sector. The system also keeps a database of all employees in an organization as well as their daily/monthly and allowance payment. This system is designed to assist in strategic planning and will help ensure that your organization is equipped with the right level of human resource for your future goals. The system will allow you to ultimately manage resources in your organization.