School Enrollment System By Njunge Stephen Maina

School Enrollment System

By Njunge Stephen Maina

The purpose of this project was to design a computerized school enrollment system for a local based secondary school and to find out it’s acceptability in terms of construction design and functionality. The automated school enrollment system was developed using a software Visual basic. .NET 2010, an object oriented programming visualization tools.

The school enrollment system interface design consists of the MDI form and, Splash screen from, login form, Student form F1, Family information form Form2 and Education background Form 3, The results after testing the system revealed that the school equipment system is more acceptable as evaluated by the selected members of staff of the school.

The expected outcome was fulfilled because the system can now be used to register new students and deregister those students leaving the school. The school administration recommended the system be introduced to the school. This should facilitate the staff find records of students more easily and faster and the system should be utilized as a model for future research especially for computer and technology based on research studies.
The impact of the system to the school management was felt by the improvement of decision making since the new system can now manage the data/information more effectively.