School Management System By Ann Muthina Mungwele

School Management System

By Ann Muthina Mungwele

The research aimed in coming up with school management system in St Charles Lwanga. The purpose of research was to come up with school management system for St Charles Lwanga to improve the activities done in the school and improving the technology and to show the importance of MySQL queries in the school.

The research was to show the main purpose of using computerized system and that is to avoid manual problems and also documentation storage problem we can’t maintain long period data that’s why we used computerized system to overcome all problems related to school’s data storing and other areas. The proposed website controls student, teacher and others, information and clubs details this is web based project it’s provide privilege facility for security purpose and provide login facility according to designation and restrict unauthorized used, if user is not admin then it cant access everything, this project provide four type of designation facility and permission, we can generate different report according to date and authentication and show all report also. Because of manual system we faced many problems. The maintenance cost of manual system is very high . And they didn’t store historical information and not possible to view all at a time. This web site also reduces the time and cost and provides the facility to retrieve student, teacher and workers and all information according requirement.