Christian Coffee Shop, Located in Ngong Road by Bitange Mokua Gilbert (HPM-2-0302-13) & John Kahuthu Gitau

Christian Coffee Shop, Located in Ngong Road

By Bitange Mokua Gilbert (HPM-2-0302-13) and John Kahuthu Gitau

The name of the proposed business will be GM COFFEE SHOP which will be located in Nairobi county Ngong Road market along Nakumatt Mega opposite Good shepherd Church. The business will be in provision of hospitality services. This is due to the already market in the area. GM Coffee shop will be the answer to an increasing demand of food and Christian relaxing place. GM coffee shops’ goal is to provide the community with a social, entertaining atmosphere where Christian neighbors can meet each other in a neutral, non-denominational setting. The finances required from outside is ksh.500, 000. The supplemental financing is required to prepare the selected site, purchase equipment, and cover expenses during the first year of operation. Mr. Gilbert Bitange will provide sh.500,000 from personal savings. The collateral for the loan will be the 3 acres land that he owns in Kajiado county tittle number KJ/Ngong 123M/ 2012 and it has been valued to be worthy KSh. 5million. After carrying out feasibility study Mr. Gilbert has high feelings of success. With his conservative sales forecast, the coffee shop will maintain a positive cash flow in all months, repay the invested amount in 2 years, and have a positive net worth over sh.3,000,000 by the first year. The projection is that net profits will increase from sh.3, 9500,000 to over sh.7, 500, 000 over the next three years. The proposed business will be owned by Gilbert Bitange taking a degree in hospitality at Gretsa University. Mr. Gilbert is an expert in the business as he has been in the profession for more than 20 years running organization’s catering services. He has worked in various reputable organizations such as Hillcrest, Nazarene university and CITAM as a manager.