Assessment of Factors Influencing Employee Turnover in Restaurants.

Assessment of Factors Influencing Employee Turnover in Restaurants: A Case Study of Thika Town Restaurants, Kiambu County, Kenya

By Gitau John Muhu (HPM-2-0064-12), Ngudi Lydia Mugure (HPM-2-0019-12), Isaboke Duncan Mtamba (HPM-2-0100-11), & John Kahuthu Gitau

The world of work puts the importance of human capital and indeed human capital development and retention of good caliber employee at the center of organizational success. The growth and quality of workforce is seen as the most important drivers of productivity in hospitality organizations. In this respect, this research focuses on the assessment of factors influencing employee turnover in restaurants. The main aims of the study are to establish the causes of employee turnover in restaurants, examine the impacts of employee turnover and determine possible ways of handling increased rate of turnover. Utilizing descriptive survey design and purposive sampling technique, data were collected from 20 respondents using self-admisntered semi-structured questionnaires. The study findings suggests that low salary is the primary cause of employee turnover in the restaurants. In addition, results shows that high employee turnover increased the workload and causes inefficient and ineffective service delivery to the customers and reflects poorly on the image of restaurants. Further, the findings reveal that unhealthy relationship may also be the cause of staff turnover in the restaurants. On the basis of these findings, the study recommends that top management of the restaurants should pay employees a marketable salary and that employees must be rewarded if they have achieved the organization set goals. Besides, top management should also develop opportunities for career advancement in the restaurant. Employees should be involved decision-making specifically decisions that are affecting their daily operations. By so doing, they would feel part and parcel of the restaurants which could eventually create a good urge to stay.