Influence of Terrorist Activities on Tourism Business Strategies in Kenya.

Influence of Terrorist Activities on Tourism Business Strategies in Kenya: A Case Study of Malindi Town, Kilifi County

By Wainaina Caroline Njeri (HPM-2-0089-11) & John Kahuthu Gitau

Tourism destinations and tourists have always been soft targets for terrorists’ activities worldwide. It is widely acknowledged that it’s now longer a question of if terrorists will strike but rather a question of when, how and how prepared a destination is prepared. Kenya has been a victim of continued terrorist attacks that have left the country in a devastating state. These attacks facing Kenya can be viewed as disasters because they have created serious tourism crisis. Management of these crises may require investors within the tourism industry formulate strategies for continued business even after the unexpected shock from travel advisories. The purpose of this study therefore is to determine the effect of terrorism on tourism business strategies in Kenya. Specifically the study will seek to determine the extent to which terrorism affect tourism performance in Malindi town in Kilifi County. The study will further seek to establish the effect of terrorism on employment and finally determine the effect of terrorism on the country at large. The researcher will employ descriptive survey design using both qualitative and quantitative approach. A sample population of 100 respondents will be selected through cluster sampling, comprising of hotel managers, tour safaris, tourism police and the ministry of tourism, Mombasa office at large. The validity of the data collection instruments will be ascertained by reviewing the questionnaires. Data collected will then be coded and analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics and presented in the form of tables and graphs. terrorism activities have largely affected the tourism industry leading to low levels of employment, income, foreign exchange, and low taxation Therefore, it is important that the tourism industry diversity to products that will attract more local tourists. This may enhance economic and employment capabilities on destination Kenya when international tourists shy away from fear of attacks.