The following clubs have been registered in the University:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Salsa
  • Red Cross Society
  • Gretsa University Scholar’s Association
  • Christian Union
  • Muslim Union

Gretsa University has excellent recreation facilities. These include Soccer, Basketball, volley ball fields. Others include a standard swimming pool, well equipped gym and indoor games like darts, pool, squash and table tennis.

Swimming Pool
Well Equipped Gym

The university participates both in internal and external sports competitions. The internal sports events are included on the university calendar of events every semester. In the spirit of recognition of the importance of sports activities, Gretsa University has affiliated itself various sports leagues. A substantial budget is set aside to ensure that activities go on. The university takes part in organized leagues and tournaments both internally and externally.


These are organized every semester and the University has always participated in various parts of the country.

Award Winners – Basketball Tournament
End of Year Party
Football Match Kick-off

The university engages the services of qualified and experienced coaches who serve as mentors and role models to the players. They also work towards promoting the mission and vision of Gretsa University.

Basket Ball Tournament