What programs do you provide at Gretsa?

Gretsa University provides Degree, Diploma, Certificate and Pre-university programmes.

Who is a full time student?

Full time student is defined by the number of units one takes. Students must carry at least 12 semester hours (4 courses) to be classified as full-time.

Who is a part time student?

A part time student is one who is taking less than 12 semester hours.

What is a Semester hour?

A semester hour is a unit of academic credit. A semester hour corresponds to one hour a week of lecture (or two hours of laboratory) throughout one semester.

How long is a semester?

A full semester is 15 weeks long. Two semesters constitute an academic year. A third optional 10 week intensive semester is available between May and July. This semester offers students an opportunity to accelerate their programmes by attending three semesters a year.