Student Services


Student’s welfare matters are at the core of all the activities at Gretsa. The following students support services are coordinated by the students’ welfare office.

Student Orientation

Compulsory orientation sessions are organized for new students, first years and transfer students preceding their enrolment. During orientation, students are provided with information about the University and the academic programmes. Registration is also done during orientation.

Counseling Services

The university has a well established counseling center that offer individual and group counseling to students with personal, social, emotional or academic concerns. The center is staffed with professional and experienced counselors. All counseling services are free and confidential. The counselors will also provide information about available campus resources.

Academic Advising

Advising and counseling needs of students often involve a combination of academic, personal and career concerns. All faculty and staff at the university share to some extent in the endeavour of helping students deal with long-range decisions and immediate crises. Recognizing that there are a variety of concerns, the university has a number of advising programmes designed to deal with particular areas.

Each student, on being admitted to the university, is assigned a faculty member who is designated as the student’s faculty advisor. Such an arrangement provides Gretsa university students with an opportunity to know an experienced, knowledgeable faculty member early in their collegiate career. The faculty provides counsel and assistance on general academic questions. They are specifically concerned with students’ selection of courses and their completion of degree requirements. These advisors discuss with the students their intended course of study, their prospective majors and their progress towards graduation.

Full time academic advisors are also available for students. All academic advisors are notified regularly regarding the academic progress of each of their advisees. Consultations with academic advisors should precede any registration or course change. Any student wishing to change his or her academic advisor may do so by securing, from the Registrar’s Office, a Change of Advisor Form. Students beginning pursuit of major programmes are encouraged to select advisors in their major areas of specialization.

Academic advising is a process, ideally one of continuity and commitment, which involves both students and faculty. In addition to helping students plan course schedules, advisors use the medium of the curriculum to facilitate the intellectual, ethical, personal and social development of university students. Advisors help students explore academic options and personal goals and the relationship of these to the practical world of work.

The university is committed to developing each student to his or her fullest potential. To this end, programmes in each school are established to improve the academic achievement and persistence of students on academic probation and other students in need of academic assistance. Such assistance is provided through a variety of instructional and information services.


The university offers a variety of recreational facilities for students. The Thika – Garissa Road Campus has court space for games such as volleyball, basketball, soccer and hockey. Students also enjoy physical training at the university’s gym, swimming pool and a squash court. There are also many indoor games that keep the students engaged constructively. These facilities are open daily from 6.30 am to 6.30 p.m.

The university will also make arrangements with organizations in and around Thika to lease/rent other recreational facilities e.g. golf course.